Tengah EC Developer:

CDL and MCL Land aim to erect 12 blocks of up to 14 storeys, with around 620 EC units on the site. As per land tender conditions, the project will be planned to attain the BCA Green Mark Gold PLUS (Super Low Energy) rating.

City Developments Limited (CDL ) is a leading global real estate company with a network of 112 locations across 29 countries and regions. The Group is one of the largest companies in terms of market capitalisation and is listed on the Singapore Exchange. CDL has proved itself as a top real estate developer in the industry, with a proven track record of over 55 years. This has been shown repeatedly, with the company winning new awards for its outstanding green buildings on a regular basis. CDL was the sole developer to obtain the Quality Excellence Award – Quality Champion (Platinum) for seven consecutive years at the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Awards 2020. This award recognizes leading progressive developers and builders for their dedication and achievement in providing high-quality homes through workmanship excellence and quality assurance programs.

MCL Land, on the other hand, is a leading residential developer that is committed to providing superior customer satisfaction and constantly innovates in the pursuit of excellence. The developer strives to continually refine their ideas in order to continue their continued pursuit of practical and smart home solutions. MCL Land also believes in generating long-term value for our homeowners through spaces that enable them to connect with their loved ones, as well as with others who live and play in the same community.